Alexander Method Posture Is The Most Effective At Reducing Back Pain

Alexander method posture is something you should consider if you suffer from back pain. Back pain is an issue that plagues a lot of people. For some, it only impacts them when doing certain activities, for others it is a constant occurrence. No matter which applies to you, you should definitely think about booking Alexander Technique lessons to overcome the pain.

There are many different techniques people use to try and get rid of back pain. A lot of people opt for massage lessons while others choose cold or heat lessons, opting to apply a heat pack or ice pack to the area that is causing trouble. However, there is little denying that the Alexander Technique posture is the best approach. There is plenty of research to back this up too. The first major scientific trial of the Alexander Technique took place eight years ago, revealing that it could dramatically reduce back pain symptoms after a course of treatment. On the other hand, it deduced that massage offered little benefit. Since then, there have been numerous studies to back this up. The Alexander Technique teaches people to hold their bodies in a natural manner. Students avoid bad posture, as they learn how to use forgotten muscles to restore balance. Considering back pain usually occurs from overworking some muscles and forgetting others, it is not difficult to see how the Alexander Technique would be effective. Get your life back again with this technique.

If you suffer from back pain and you would like to learn the Alexander method posture, I can assist. I am Susanna Scouller, and I have been teaching the Alexander Technique to all types of students for a number of years now. I do this through my company, Alexander Principle, which you can discover more about by heading to my website: