Alexander Posture Technique – Who Was Alexander?

Alexander Posture Technique is something that was developed more than a hundred years ago, and is becoming more popular with every year that passes. More people are beginning to realise the benefits of this approach. But, who was Alexander and how did he develop this technique.

The Alexander Technique posture is all about unlearning bad habits and becoming more in tune with your body. You will learn how to be more balanced and how to move naturally. The benefits of this are outstanding. A man called F. M. Alexander is responsible for developing the Alexander Technique. He was born in Tasmania in 1869. In the late 1890s, he suffered from chronic laryngitis, as a result of performing in Melbourne as a Shakespearean orator. After a period of vocal rest, he then returned to orating, only to lose his voice again. He started to self-study, seeking to learn what he was doing to produce croakiness in his voice. He used mirrors to visually observe himself to see the discrepancy between his physical actions and what he kinaesthetically perceived himself to be doing when getting ready to speak. By doing this, he was able to identify habitual patterns of tension, and eliminate them. He found a more balanced and efficient way to speak, and he rid himself of vocal trouble once and for all. Consequently, he developed a powerful yet subtle hands-on technique that helped people to stop interfering with their natural good coordination and posture, and this is what we know as the Alexander Technique today.

My name is Susanna Scouller (of Alexander Principle) and I practise the techniques that F.M. Alexander developed. I have spent many years training in the Alexander Posture Technique, providing my advice in leading newspapers and magazines and helping people individually via one-to-one lessons. For more information, check out my website: