Alexander Technique Back Pain – Common Questions About The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique back pain relief is a good route to go down if you are suffering. Many people have reported positive effects after Alexander Technique lessons. This is something that has also been backed up by several trials and research. However, you may feel unsure of this technique, which is why we aim to answer some of the more common queries.

Is the Alexander Technique similar to Pilates or Yoga? The simple answer to this question is no. Yoga involves a series of postures, whereas Pilates is an exercise system. The Alexander Technique is primarily a technique for enhancing awareness regarding how we use our bodies in any activity. So, does Alexander Technique involve exercises? Not exercises in the traditional sense, although you will carry out a number of procedures, for example, you will practise lying, standing or sitting in different positions. How many lessons do I need? This depends on you. Everyone is different. Your teacher will advise on this, and you will know yourself by how you feel. Will the benefits wear off if I stop taking lessons? If you have taken a sufficient number of lessons in the first place, and you continue to apply what you have learned, the benefits will last for a lifetime. Is it better to go to a group class or have a one-on-one lesson? A one-on-one lesson is definitely better, as the focus is all on you. A lot of people also feel more comfortable with one-to-one lessons.

Hopefully, this post has cleared up some of the questions you may have had regarding Alexander Technique back pain relief. If you would like an Alexander Technique lesson, you can book one today with me, Susanna Scouller. I provide lessons throughout London at numerous locations via my company, Alexander Principle. To find out more, head to: