Alexander Technique Back Strain Relief: Introduction To The Technique

Alexander Technique back pain relief is widely available nowadays, with an increasing number of people realising the benefits of going down this route when they are experiencing pain or discomfort. For more information about the Alexander Technique and what it is, read on.

This is a method that teaches you how to recognise harmful and inefficient habits of movement that are contributing to the pain you are experiencing in your back. Once you recognise these habits, you will learn how to cast them aside and move in a manner that is natural, easy, and healthy; relieving the tension in your body and promoting ease of movement. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the Alexander Technique. It is nothing like Yoga or Pilates, nor is it a form of physiotherapy. Rather, it is a technique whereby you learn about the way you use and move your bodies. You then apply what you learn to your daily life; ensuring everything is easier and that your body is in better balance. Not only will this help with the back pain you are experiencing now, but it will also help to prevent problems in the future too. You will also feel more confident and self-aware, and this can lead to improved performance in the workplace and throughout other areas of your life. We have F.M. Alexander to thank for this technique. He developed it when he suffered from chronic laryngitis. He observed his body and the tension in his neck specifically, and found ways to speak with greater ease, which then led to him creating this wider technique that we use today.

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