Alexander Technique Bloomsbury – What To Expect From Your Teacher

Alexander Technique Bloomsbury based lessons are available for all to take advantage of. There are many benefits associated with the Alexander Technique, but you will only experience these if you choose a teacher with care. Below, we reveal what you should expect from your teacher.

You will know that you have found a good teacher if you come out of your lesson breathing easier and feeling more mobile, lighter and easier. The way in which your teacher moves will be very revealing. You need someone with balance, ease and alertness. They should have a real understanding of what their students are going through, and this is often because they learn the technique to solve their own issues. Of course, all Alexander Technique London based teachers have their own individual style. Some teachers talk a lot during the lesson, for example, whereas others do not. Talking is only one method of teaching, and just because your teacher is not exceptionally vocal does not mean that they are not effective. Some trust the body to digest something, even if it is not named, and others invite processing with their hands. There are also numerous methods that teachers use, including traditional procedures, such as chairwork and tablework. Rather than focusing on the exact process that the teacher uses, you should focus on how you feel. If you are more awake and freer, and you feel more capable of choosing free movement, you know that the teacher is doing their job well.

If you want to feel the best you have ever felt, book Alexander Technique Bloomsbury based lessons with Susanna Scouller at Alexander Principle. I am a qualified and experienced teacher, and I have provided my services to many satisfied clients. For more information about my lessons and what I can do for you, head to