Alexander Technique Bromley And Aging Well

Alexander Technique Bromley based lessons are recommended for everyone, young and old. In this post in particular, we are going to deal with the latter. In this culture, we are continuously told that gravity and age work against us, grinding us down. However, this is not something you should simply accept.

Nowadays, older people are increasingly seeking ways to improve the quality of their life, to retain their mobility and independence, and to cope with the concerns that seem to limit their daily activities more and more. This is something that Alexander Technique London based lessons can assist with. Your teacher will take you through numerous exercises that will benefit your life. A lot of focus will be on pressure relief and tonus redistribution of the head and neck. This will help you regain and maintain mobility, reduce excessive pull on the bones, increase flexibility at the joints, and restore balance and poise, all of which will help to prevent falls and lessen the damage when they do occur. Other benefits include promoting ease in activities, including simple actions such as getting out of a chair, and complex activities such as gardening or golfing, as well as increased economy of movement, improving lightness and stamina. As time goes on, and less pressure and effort is taken off the joints, you will experience an overall feeling of well being, including lowered blood pressure, improved digestion and absorption, improved organ function, and improved breathing. Other benefits include restoring natural coordination, restoring independence, and lowered anxiety.

If you are interested in Alexander Technique Bromley based lessons, I can help. My name is Susanna Scouller, of Alexander Principle, and I provide Alexander Technique lessons at numerous locations throughout London. For more information, check out my website,, or give me a call on 020 7821 0007.