Alexander Technique Chiswick For Sportspeople

Alexander Technique Chiswick based lessons are a must for sportspeople. No matter whether you enjoy sports on a competitive or recreational basis, the Alexander Technique can be of benefit. It is already helping athletes across a wide range of sports, including skiing, swimming, dressage, and long-distance running.

There are numerous benefits associated with taking Alexander Technique London based lessons if you are into sports. These benefits can be divided into three general categories. The first category is general fitness. Alexander Technique lessons will teach you how to avoid wasting energy. The second category is technique, as lessons will ensure that you are actually doing what you think you are doing. The third section is avoiding and improved recovery from injury. You will learn how to not use your body in a manner that imposes unnecessary stresses on tissues and joints. Most of us are guilty of making hard work of different everyday movements – even standing up. This is even more so when in competition or training, despite the fact that this is the exact time when absence of tension and economy of action are the most desirable. However, we are often unaware that we are interfering with our coordination and poise. Alexander Technique lessons will boost your kinaesthetic awareness, which is the awareness of your inner environment, and you will learn how to have control of your mechanisms of coordination and balance, which will benefit you in any type of sporting activity.

No matter whether you are a sportsperson or not, there are many benefits to gain by taking Alexander Technique Chiswick based lessons and I, Susanna Scouller, can ensure you experience them positively. For more information about what I can do for you, visit the Alexander Principle website: Alternatively, give me a call on 020 7821 0007 to book a lesson today.