Alexander Technique Enfield – Developing A Healthy Head-Neck Relationship

Alexander Technique Enfield based lessons cover a lot of different exercises, focusing on achieving a balance throughout the body. One of the key relationships your teacher will focus on is that between your head and your neck. For more information, read on.

If you read any one of the Alexander Technique books available, you will most likely find a section on the importance of your head having a ‘forward and up’ relationship with the spine. A lot of people take this on board and implement it in the incorrect manner. One of the most widespread distortions of the head-neck relationship is having the top section of the head pulled back and the neck protruding slightly forward. The large muscles in the back of your neck shorten when this occurs, and it’s not a natural or balanced position. This highlights why booking lessons with a specialist in Alexander Technique London way is a must – it is hard to interpret the meaning of a book without any experience. Let’s take a look at a small selection of the things you will learn about a healthy head-neck relationship during your lessons. Your teacher will tell you that you should not think of your head as being held onto your neck, but being loosely poised on the top of it. You also need to consider the back and neck as a single dynamic unit that is continuously gently lengthening. You should also not attempt to achieve any extension of your spine. Instead, you imagine it and incorporate it into your on-going self-perception.

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