Alexander Technique For Better Posture – Improve Your Posture

Alexander Technique for better posture is extremely effective and definitely something you should consider. After all, improving posture can seem frustrating and somewhat mysterious. It can even lead to increased pain and discomfort while we make the changes, especially when left to our own devices. This is why you should book Alexander Technique lessons instead.

Such lessons will clear up the confusion and the mystery regarding how you should hold yourself. Alexander Technique posture lessons are all about naturally changing your bad habits. You will learn skills that you can use any time, any place, anywhere. So, how does it work? When taking lessons in this technique, you will learn about the identification of excess muscle tension and how to release it. You will also learn how to avoid pulling down, i.e. slouching. Slouching down and excess tension can cause a lot of difficulties, including pain. By eliminating these damaging patterns you will enable your core muscles, which are your postural muscles, to function more efficiently. This will improve the quality of your breathing, posture, and movement; no matter what activity you are conducting. As a result, you will feel free of strain, energised, comfortable, and balanced. It is all about re-learning what is natural and letting go of bad posture habits. But, for this to occur, you need to find a top quality Alexander Technique teacher. Make sure to choose someone credible, qualified and experienced, with a good reputation to back up his or her service.

If you are interested in Alexander Technique for better posture, I can assist. My name is Susanna Scouller, of Alexander Principle, and I have helped many people to gain more from their life with the Alexander Technique. If you would like to get started, head to my website for more information and contact details: