Alexander Technique Fulham – How Are We Misusing Our Bodies?

Alexander Technique Fulham based lessons are designed to help you unlearn the bad habits you have picked up over the years. We are all misusing our bodies, even though we may not be aware of it, and the Alexander Technique aims to put this right.

Since early childhood, we have all, to a certain degree, been building up an unedifying and large collection of interrelated muscular tensions. These muscular tensions exert excessive force on our joints. This force can cause poor alignment of the bones because it is usually an unbalanced force. This can aggravate joint problems and cause premature wear, known as osteoarthritis. A lot of people are unaware of these tensions occurring in their own body. The tension in one muscle will then cause interference in the operation of other muscles, as they are often over-extended in trying to compensate. As a result, the muscles become increasingly unable to carry out their proper function. Take the neck as a prime example. Neck tension can impact the small muscles that control the head’s position and that keep individual vertebrae in correct alignment. Therefore, as the years’ pass, we end up with an unbalance, with some muscles unnecessarily working harder than others. The Alexander Technique London wide aims to correct this. Students learn how to let go of the bad habits they have picked up. Instead, they learn to move freely, viewing the body as one connected whole, as opposed to separate parts functioning individually. Everyone can benefit from learning more about this technique.

If you are interested in Alexander Technique Fulham based lessons, look no further. My name is Susanna Scouller and I provide lessons in Alexander Technique London wide. To find out more about what I can do for you, head to my website: Alternatively, give me a call on 020 7821 0007 or email