Alexander Technique Improve Posture – Proven Benefits Of Good Posture

Alexander Technique improve posture is something that everyone should think about. We are all guilty of making posture mistakes, from hunching over our computer desks to cradling our phones. By correcting these mistakes and improving your posture with the Alexander Technique, you can experience many benefits.

Alexander Technique posture is not about applying one set posture. By taking lessons in this technique, you will learn how to get rid of the bad habits that you have developed. You will also become more in tune with your body so that you can move more naturally and freely, with the correct posture. There are many benefits associated with this. You will become more productive. Did you know that your body takes in as much as 30 per cent less oxygen when you slouch? This means that it is much more difficult to keep your energy up. You will also feel less stressed and your mood will improve. A study conducted by Indiana University also revealed that posture is linked to memory and brain function. By improving your posture, you breathe better and enable more oxygen to flow through the cardiopulmonary system. You can also expect to build a stronger core and you can even burn up to 350 calories per day by being upright. This is because you take tension off certain areas of your body, and everything starts to flow. If that wasn’t enough, you will feel confident and look great, and you can say goodbye to many of the aches and pains you have been suffering from.

Start experiencing these benefits with Alexander Principle. This is the name of my company, and I have been providing lessons in the Alexander Technique for many years. To see what I, Susanna Scouller, can do for you, check out my website: Book a lesson today for Alexander Technique improve posture and say hello to a brand new you.