Alexander Technique London – How To Find And Choose The Right Instructor

Alexander Technique London classes may be something you are looking for if you have heard about the potential benefits of this treatment for health conditions and discomfort, covering areas as varied as back pain and self-confidence. It is important that you do your research before choosing a teacher and a series of lessons to attend. In a way, this is especially important when it comes to choosing Alexander Technique services, because the methods must be tailored to your unique requirements. This article lays out steps on how to recognise and choose the right practitioner before embarking on such a course of lessons.

The Initial Research – Finding Alexander Technique Practitioners In Your Area

If you want to try the Alexander Technique Balham or Bloomsbury located for your symptoms, and are looking for the right instructor for your specific requirements, then word of mouth is often a powerful tool. Talking to someone who has undergone a series of lessons and gaining their approval of a particular service provider will be of most use to you. However, if you aren’t fortunate enough to benefit from a recommendation of this type, then don’t worry. The internet is a valuable tool and you can glean a lot of information about an instructor if you know what to look for. Once you’ve done a search and found a list of Alexander Technique London based practitioners in your area, whether you’re looking for Alexander Technique Chiswick or Clapham based, check the website of each. You should expect a comprehensive source of information that explains the theory behind the technique to your satisfaction. A good website will also answer many of your questions about the Alexander Technique. It shouldn’t make grandiose promises of cures, but should explain carefully what benefits might accrue for you from attending. Also, look for an explanation of what will happen during the lesson and how to prepare in terms of clothing to wear and so on. This gives you the reassurance of knowing what to expect on the day. Next, look for testimonials on the website – preferably from a range of people. This will give an insight into the kinds of conditions other people have found relief from and the benefits they have experienced from this individual and their treatments.

Locating The Right Instructor In Alexander Technique Crouch End And Beyond

Don’t forget to look for contact details and a willingness on the part of the instructor to talk through the treatment with you before you book. The history of your instructor is also important. There are many training courses available – not just anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner of the Alexander Technique Enfield or elsewhere. In fact, it takes three years, with 1,600 hours of supervised training, to qualify as an instructor. Find out where the individual carried out his or her training and check for membership of a professional society related to the technique. The internationally recognised body that represents practitioners is The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique (STAT). Membership of this society guarantees that your instructor will be bound by a professional code of conduct that protects you in the unlikely event that things go wrong. Members must carry insurance, which should also give you peace of mind. Geographical location of the classes is, of course, relevant on a practical level. Your instructor may recommend you attend between 10 and 40 lessons; and regularity of treatment is key to its success. You therefore need to know your class will be held in a place that will be convenient for you to get to at the allotted time. One fully trained and experienced instructor you may like to consult is Susanna Scouller at Alexander Principle. Lessons are provided in various locations across London, convenient whether you’re looking for Alexander Technique Crouch End based or beyond.

Looking For Alexander Technique London? Try Susanna Scouller At Alexander Principle

At Alexander Principle, lessons are provided by me, Susanna Scouller. I benefitted greatly from the disciplines learnt through Alexander Technique London lessons in managing my own health condition and subsequently trained as a teacher of the technique, now bringing similar relief to my clients. You can see the range of testimonials from individuals on my website at, as well as useful press articles that will tell you more about why Alexander Technique principles are important and what to expect from lessons. If you’d like more information about the technique or the services I offer, please call me on 020 7821 0007 or email at