Alexander Technique Neck Pain Support: Dealing With Neck Pain

Alexander Technique neck pain relief is a good option for anyone that suffers from this type of pain, which is a lot of people according to numerous studies. Neck pain is common throughout the UK, especially amongst certain occupations, including crane operators, office workers, nurses and dentists.

So, what causes neck pain? Generally, it is down to poor posture. This could be from hunching over your kitchen worktops at home, or it could be from leaning into your computer while you work. There are several self-reported risk factors for neck pain, including overall stress at work, upper extremity posture, having no chair armrest, and inadequate keyboard and mouse position. Other factors that are often reported include working in awkward positions, bending the cervical spine for prolonged periods of time, repetitive work, and sitting for prolonged periods of time. As you can see, there are lots of different causes of neck pain, which is why Alexander Technique lessons is something that most people can benefit from. This is a proven practise that will provide lasting long-term relief, increase your mobility, and reduce pain. You will learn how your body is fundamentally designed to function, enabling you to move in a way that will help reduce neck pain. You will stop overusing certain muscles, and start using muscles that have been forgotten about. This is something that will benefit your whole body – not just the area around your neck. You will walk out of your lesson feeling more positive, balanced, and relaxed, and this is something you will carry into your day-to-day life.

You don’t need to suffer from neck pain anymore. Instead, book a lesson for Alexander Technique neck pain with myself, Susanna Scouller. I have years of experience and the qualifications to back it up. Find out more about what I can do by heading to the website of my company, Alexander Principle: