Alexander Technique Neck Pain Relief For Office Workers

Alexander Technique neck relief is something that can benefit office workers greatly. In fact, the Alexander Technique is a whole body experience. It isn’t just focused on one area; it is about learning to use all your muscles in the right balance so that you can move freely and eradicate tension and pain.

When it comes to workplace injuries, you probably wouldn’t expect the office to be a dangerous place. However, the rise off repetitive strain injury (RSI) has shown just how important it is to take care of yourself while working in an office environment. Under such conditions, poor postural habits play a major role in injuries occurring. Alexander Technique lessons are essential when it comes to preventing pain, and in recovering from it. Sufferers tend to have tension in their arms, back, and neck, as well as muscular distortions. The demands of IT equipment, and the unnatural posture most of us adopt when using a computer, lead to constant irritation of any injury. This is where the Alexander Technique comes in. It can help with carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, and other work-related upper limb disorders. It teaches you where you are going wrong; you learn where you are placing unnecessary stress on the body and how to get rid of these habits. In fact, Alexander Technique is all about learning what comes naturally to your body. This can help you to feel more comfortable while working and you will notice positive effects in terms of productivity and efficiency too.

Now you know how Alexander Technique neck lessons can benefit office workers. In fact, it can benefit all types of people, irrespective of their occupation. It has also been proven to help children and pregnant women too. For more information, head to, or book a lesson with me, Susanna Scouller of Alexander Principle, by calling 020 7821 0007.