Alexander Technique Posture Correction – Common Posture Mistakes

Alexander Technique posture correction is something that everyone can benefit from. We are all guilty of making posture mistakes, and often we do not even recognise that we are making them. Below, we take a look at some of the most common posture errors and how we can fix them.

One of the most common posture mistakes that a lot of us are guilty of is cradling the phone. After all, what else are you meant to do when someone rings and you are in the middle of something else? This can place strain on your muscles and lead to an imbalance. Another common posture mistake is rounded shoulders. You can tell if you have this by standing before a mirror, allowing your arms to hang naturally by your sides. If your knuckles face forward, it could indicate a weak upper back and a tight chest, giving the appearance of rounded shoulders. Other common posture mistakes including poking your chin out, which a lot of people who sit too low at their computer do, a hunched back, leaning on one leg, standing with a flat back, sticking your bottom out, and slouching in your chair. This is merely a handful of some of the posture mistakes that we are all making. It is important to correct them; otherwise you can suffer pain in the long run. The Alexander Technique can help you to overcome posture issues. There is not one set Alexander Technique posture, rather, you learn to listen to your body and to unlearn the bad habits you have picked up.

Now you understand some of the common posture mistakes and how the Alexander Technique can help to fix them, the only thing left to do is book a lesson. I am Susanna Scouller, of Alexander Principle, and I offer Alexander Technique posture correction across London. For more information about what I can do for you, head to: