Alexander Technique Pregnancy – How The Alexander Technique Can Help During Pregnancy

Alexander Technique pregnancy lessons are advised if you are expecting. In fact, the Alexander Technique can be useful during each stage of becoming a parent, from pregnancy, to labour and delivery, to parenthood. Read on to discover why theAlexander Technique is good for pregnant women.

The Alexander Technique can help you to deal with lower back pain, which is a common complaint amongst pregnant women. Your centre of balance will change as the baby grows. You will probably develop a tendency to lean back by the waist to compensate for the increased forward weight. This can cause excruciating back pain because it puts unnecessary pressure on your lower back and sacrum. However, you don’t need to simply accept that this is the way it needs to be when you are expecting. Instead, by taking Alexander Technique lessons, you will learn how to protect your back. You will be comfortable and pain-free because you will know how to decompress the spine and distribute the weight of the baby throughout your entire body. Alexander Technique lessons will also help you to deal with shortness of breath and digestive problems that can often occur during pregnancy because the baby is occupying more of your internal space as it grows. This causes the compression of your lungs, heart and other internal organs. It is important to learn how to capitalise on your internal support system, which is exactly what you will learn throughout your lessons.

If you want to book Alexander Technique pregnancy lessons, you need to work with someone that is experienced and has all of the necessary qualifications. I am that person. My name is Susanna Scouller and I provide lessons through my company, Alexander Principle. For more information, head to, or give me a call on 020 7821 0007.