Alexander Technique Scoliosis Lessons For Children

Alexander Technique Scoliosis is an option worth considering if your child is at risk of developing Scoliosis or has been diagnosed with the condition. Scoliosis is a medical condition whereby the person’s spine has a sideways curve. While most people do not know the reason for suffering from this condition, there are steps you can take to manage it.

Alexander Technique lessons are one hundred per cant safe and suitable for children, and they are certainly an option to think about if a child has Scoliosis. It can help to prevent and manage the condition. In regards to the former, the Alexander Technique can help children to learn about the ways in which they may be compressing themselves or habitually pulling to one side. This could, of course, cause any lateral curve to become worse. By embarking on Alexander Technique lessons early one, the child will learn how to release up through the curve instead of compressing it further, which will stop the problem from getting worse. The Alexander Technique can also help children to cope with wearing braces, which are often required throughout periods of the day. Wearing the brace can cause the child to feel short of breath. They will often compensate this by lifting their shoulders and upper chest to breath, which can cause further bad habits to develop. Not only this, but the child may have difficulty allowing for the natural, supportive elastic expansion of their muscles in the back when wearing a brace. This is where the Alexander Technique comes in, ensuring the child wears the brace in a manner that does not cause further detriment.

If your child has Scoliosis or is at risk of developing it, I can assist. My name is Susanna Scouller and I provide Alexander Technique Scoliosis lessons at a number of locations across London via my company, Alexander Principle. Head to my website,, or book a lesson on 020 7821 0007.