How To Do The Alexander Technique – Learning The Alexander Technique

How to do the Alexander Technique is often more complex than people realise. Many people assume that they can simply search the Alexander Technique online, and they will be met with a set of instructions they need to carry out. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Alexander Technique teachers have embarked on a three-year course to perfect their craft. There aren’t any strict instructions to follow; it is all about a person becoming more aware of themselves so that they can unlearn bad habits and learn how to achieve a balanced, more naturally aligned body. This is why you need to have numerous one-on-one sessions with a qualified and experienced teacher, who can support your process of self-awareness, if you want to learn this technique. To begin with, however, it is worth learning a bit about the main principles the technique is based on. Firstly, the Alexander Technique is formed on the basis that the way in which a person functions is impacted by how they stand, sit, and move. The second belief is that the relationship between the spine, neck, and head is fundamental to a person’s ability to function at an optimal level. The third principle is that if a person is to make beneficial changes to their life, they need to be more mindful about the way they go about their day-to-day activities. Finally, the fourth belief is that the body and mind constantly influence one and other – they work together intimately as one.

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