My Story

I was diagnosed with a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis in 94, and was looking for ways to improve my general health and well-being in order that I could stay a mild case, and carry on living a full and normal life. At that time I had frequent and sometimes severe pain in my neck and shoulders.

I couldn’t turn my head to the left very far without pain, my shoulders were held high, and in towards the spine, with the left shoulder a couple of inches higher than the right. The muscles between the spine and the shoulder blades were like rock. Osteopathy was wonderful at relieving the pain, but my postural habits or in Alexander terms my use of myself was full of harmful habits of tension and lack of poise. My problems therefore continued.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique in my case had quite swift and dramatic results. My shoulders started to even out, and my neck became less tense, making movement easier. Some years later I decided to take some more lessons with Noel Kingsley, who introduced me to the Walter Carrington school in Holland Park, London (the Constructive Teaching Centre) where I did the three year course to become a teacher.

I still have a very mild case of MS which barely affects my life at all. I work full time and in general have never felt better!


Susanna Scouller trained at the Constructive Teaching Centre for the Alexander Technique in London, which was established in the 60’s by Walter Carrington (1915 – 2005), a protege of F.M. Alexander. Susanna is a member of STAT, The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique, the internationally recognised representative body for the Technique. All members are fully insured and bound by a professional code of conduct.