Posture Alexander Technique – Take Your Music Career To New Heights

Posture Alexander Technique is something you should be interested to know more about if you are musician. Taking Alexander Technique lessons could boost your career considerably. Even if you simply play music for fun, you will find that you get more enjoyment from it after you have applied this technique.

A lot of us are guilty of thinking that there is one magic posture we need to adopt for every activity. If we have this one posture, then everything will be just right. However, this is not the case. For example, you should not have the same posture for singing the first note as you would for bowing the first downbow. The Alexander Technique posture is not one cure-all position. It’s not a set of rules or different postures that need to be learned either. It is about learning how to utilise your senses so that you do not subtly distort your body with tension. Instead, you enable your body to utilise its own inner support structure. There are many benefits you can gain by becoming more in tune with your body. You will correct a lot of different posture problems at once with the Alexander Technique, and you will improve your breathing in the process too. This takes your music career to new heights, as it will prevent injury over your lifetime, while also ensuring you do not have to go through years of undoing bad habits.

So there you have it; all you need to know about what the posture Alexander Technique lessons will teach you. No matter whether or not, you are a musician this is something that can benefit you greatly. I am Susanna Scouller of Alexander Principle and I offer excellent lessons across London to help you get started. For more information, simply head to