I haven’t really had any back ache since I’ve been doing this, it’s amazing!
Rebecca, Solicitor

I was amazed by the change in both my running and swimming technique. I feel lighter, my action is more fluid. By requiring less effort, I have more energy to sustain the distance. The Alexander Technique is about consciousness and choice. Being aware of our movements and habits and choosing an alternative. Years of unconscious habits of movement place strain on our skeleton aggravating pain, anxiety, distress. The Alexander Technique empowers us to choose to alter these habits thereby eliminating the original problem
Dr Debbie Street, Basuto Medical Centre

Normally my back goes after a flight and wheeling a suitcase through cobbled streets, so I was really pleased.
John (age 65)

I definitely feel less pressure everywhere…
Eleonor Frost (16 year old with scoliosis)

I saw myself giving a speech on a wedding video and I couldn’t believe how I used to stand!
Charlie Hall, Property Investment

It’s better than a massage!
Ree Sinclair, Singer

Usually by the end of a trial my back is really hurting, but not anymore.
Jessie, Barrister

I’ve been working at Wimbledon [tennis] all week doing 12 hour shifts and everyone’s back is hurting, except mine!
Holly Gupta, (age 19)

When I saw my osteopath for the first time in six months, he said my back was totally different from how he remembered it, and that I was in great shape. He asked if I’d been doing anything different…
Tammy Parlour, Martial Arts Instructor

After about half an hour carrying my baby in the baby bjorn my back used to ache. Now I can carry her effortlessly for as long as I like
Jo O’Driscoll

Since my teenage years I have always had bad posture and was given the name hunch back by my brother. I then began work as a beauty therapist and due to bending inefficiently over clients my back pain worsened, but since having Alexander Technique lessons with Susanna my habits of moving and bending have changed and my back pain has vanished. Just the other day sitting in a pub with my cousins they couldn’t believe how poised I was. I too was caught by surprise to see myself sitting so comfortably upright. Thanks Susanna.
Cindy le Roux, Beauty Therapist

I felt like my whole system had been lubricated. All the joints were oiled, and the machine was working smoothly.
Frances Clarke