The Alexander Technique Posture – A Guide To Posture And The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique posture is something that everyone should be interested to learn more about. Do you find that your shoulders round forward? Maybe you have developed a hunched back from sitting over the computer all day long? Most people have some sort of issue with their posture, and it is important to rectify it.

Most people do not realise it, but what they do, and how they do it, impacts the feel, tone, and shape of their body. Even when we are sitting, we are constantly in motion and, therefore, having the perfect posture is of paramount importance if you do not want to experience any issues later down the line. You will naturally improve your posture with the Alexander Technique. With this technique, you will refine your overall body awareness. As a result, you will know when your alignment is out of balance and you will discover a sustainable and manageable way to restore it. Your shoulder and neck tension will drift away with your practitioner’s gentle hands-on guidance. You allow an easy relationship between the spine, neck, and head, which will streamline your movement and consequently relieve discomfort and tension. Poor posture tends to arise due to a lack of central coordination, which means that some muscles barely engage while others are working overtime. With this technique, you will learn to perceive your body’s support system in a different way – as a whole, as opposed to something that functions in segments. This improved posture will help you to look and feel better while keeping health issues at bay.

If you want to learn the Alexander Technique posture, I can help. I’m Susanna Scouller, of Alexander Principle, and I have years of experience in the Alexander Technique. My work has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including the Huffington Post. For more information about what I can do for you, check out my website at