The Alexander Technique

The lessons

Susanna Scouller – Alexander Technique London

Lessons last about 45 minutes. I use gentle hands on contact throughout. Everyday movements such as sitting and standing are explored as a way of highlighting habits of muscular tension. The lesson will usually start with the pupil lying in semi supine on a table. Since we are all individuals, habits will vary person to person. Gradually you will become aware of the things you are “doing” (e.g. tightening muscles, collapsing at joints) that you don’t need to be doing. As your awareness changes, you will learn how to prevent the habits of unnecessary tension that are pulling you down and affecting your ability to perform. You will learn powerful new skills of thinking which guide you into a state of improved balance and poise.

You remain fully clothed, but will need to remove shoes. Trousers that are not tight fitting are preferable.

Alexander Image. Lying in Semi-SupineLying in semi-supine

Photograph from the book Live Better: Alexander Technique by Joe Searby

As Michael Bloch writes in the prologue to his biography of Alexander (books about the Technique), “It is notoriously difficult to describe the Alexander Technique: to attempt to do so has been likened to trying to describe a colour to a blind man.” But the fact is that once experienced, you will see that there is nothing mystical about it. The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method of self help. But it must be experienced with a fully qualified teacher who has completed a three year training course. No amount of reading or talking about it can act as a substitute.

We translate everything whether physical, mental, or spiritual, into muscular tension

F.M. Alexander (1869-1955)