What Is It?

It’s a simple but gentle method of re-educating a person to move the way nature intended – with grace, efficiency – and without pain. Originally developed to help actors and speakers, it has since been found to have all kinds of uses from overcoming back pain to increasing energy and confidence and decreasing anxiety and stress.

Think of yourself as a finely tuned machine. We are all designed to move with freedom and grace, but unfortunately our every day postural habits – the way we sit at a desk, stand up or pick something off the floor – are picked up over many years and become ingrained and unconscious. Sometimes these habits are full of unnecessary tension (or slumping) which causes compression of the musculo-skeletal system and leads to aches and pains or more chronic complaints like slipped discs.
Lessons in the Alexander Technique will help you to increase your awareness of postural and movement habits, and to re-tune the machine that is you, thereby preventing common problems like anxiety or back pain.