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After leaving university I worked as a PA for over 10 years, mostly in film and TV, so I spent 9+ hours a day twisting and slumping my body round a desk/chair/PC, ending up with an incredibly stiff neck and shoulders and an expensive addiction to osteopathy and massage. Lessons in the Alexander Technique had dramatic results. My shoulders started to even out and my neck became less tense and achy. I also found it incredibly relaxing so great for my general stress levels. Changing the habits of a life time – postural and everyday movement habits in this case – is not the work of a moment but the rewards are well worth the journey.

The Alexander Technique is very established in the world of the performing arts. Hugh Jackman talks about his experience of the Alexander Technique as combining “incredibly good posture with incredible relaxation” on YouTube.

Medical Research in the Technique has shown great results, particularly for lower back pain, and I get regular referrals from GP’s for back pain and other common complaints like headaches.

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